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By : Rook

I've been given the task of connecting my code (fortran) with py (2.5), and generate a number of excel reports if possible. The first part went fine - and is done with, but now I'm working on the second.

What are my choices for making excel (2007 if possible) sheets from python ? In general, I would need to put some array values in them in a table (formatting doesn't matter), and draw a number of charts from those tables. Is there a way to do this automatically ? Some library ?

Anyone done something like this in the past ?

By : Rook


XslxWriter is a very good and very feature-complete python package for producing Excel worksheets. (docs:

There is a package on PyPi call xlutils which might help and there is this presentation from Chris Withers (lightning talk from last EuroPython I think) where you can see some example code with xlrd and xlwt. Looks easy ;-)

Hope that helps.

By : MrTopf

@S.Lott covered most of the bases. You might also consider generating an HTML <table>. Here's a sample I found with a quick search: Creating Excel Files with Python and Django

This video can help you solving your question :)
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