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I've written a lot of Java applications over the years, but the vast majority of them have been simple command line programs with only a few hundred lines and (at most) several classes.

My question is this:

How do I now design/code an interface to this application?? Where do I start? I mean are there any tutorials/resources which describe the steps involved? I know Swing exists, but where do you start, and is it the only option?

Any help/assistance appreciated...


No, Swing is not the only option but it is where you should start. Swing is the "new and improved" version of some of the GUI objects in java.awt. Most of the Swing objects build off of their AWT counter parts our are completely new. Both Swing and AWT are a part of the core Java API so it would be best to start with the tutorial that AVD linked you to (The Java Tutorial)

By : zman

You have to learn core GUI API java.awt and its sub-packages along with (extended API) javax.swing and its sub-packages. You may start - The Java Tutorial.

By : AVD

The rich client GUI toolkits for Java are basically:

  • AWT Sun's Abstract Window Toolkit was the original component kit for making GUIs, a toolkit based around using native components. AWT still contains the core of very important parts of J2SE GUIs such as Graphics/Color/Java 2D, Image

This video can help you solving your question :)
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