How to get started with PowerShell? [closed]


I played with one of the early beta versions of PowerShell V1, but haven't used it since it went "gold". What is the best way to get started using PowerShell?

Which version of PowerShell should I be using (V1.0 vs 2.0 CTP's)? What are you using PowerShell for? Are there any tools that make using PowerShell easier (that is, development environments)?


Count me in with a vote for PowerShell in Action. There are a bunch of blogs out there as well, check out //\O//'s blog, The Huddled Masses, and JB's Powershell (SQL) as well, they go way back with the shell and have gobs of good scripts & snippets to look at.

By : slipsec

Find a problem you need to solve and sit down and do it with PowerShell until it's fixed.

Don't give in and do it another way. Then find another, and another, etc. You'll take WAY longer at the start, but you'll be building knowledge to use going forward. As well as a script library to pull from for the future. One day you'll turn around and realize you now "know" PowerShell.

It's awesome. :)

By : Brad Wood

PowerGUI was a big help in and of itself. The IntelliSense feature sold me on it, then I found some useful add-ons that were very good.

As far as resources:

Free eBooks:

  • Windows PowerShell Cookbook

  • Mastering PowerShell

  • PowerShell A more in-depth look

Introductory Video:

This video can help you solving your question :)
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