What is the best way to unit test Objective-C code?


What frameworks exist to unit test Objective-C code? I would like a framework that integrates nicely with Xcode.

By : Kim


Xcode includes XCTest, which is similar to OCUnit, an Objective-C unit testing framework, and has full support for running XCTest-based unit tests as part of your project's build process. Xcode's unit testing support is described in the Xcode Overview: Using Unit Tests.

Back in the Xcode 2 days, I wrote a series of weblog posts about how to perform some common tasks with Xcode unit testing:

Despite using OCUnit rather than XCTest, the concepts are largely the same.

Finally, I also wrote a few posts on how to write tests for Cocoa user interfaces; the way Cocoa is structured makes it relatively straightforward, because you don't have to spin an event loop or anything like that in most cases.

This makes it possible to do test-driven development for not just your model-level code but also your controller-level and even view-level code.

Specta is a modern TDD(Test Driven Development)/BDD(Behavior Driven Development) framework which runs on top of XCTest. It supports unit testing for iOS and Mac OS X projects.

I hope u can use 'SenTestKit', from which u can test each and every method.

By : Karthik

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