How to do this vloop in excel


I have one excel file with 2 sheets WorkSheet and ReviewSheet

WorkSheet data is as below

Employee Name       Project       Work Status      Date
-------------       -------       -----------      ----------
abc                 123           Holiday          01/12/2011
abc                 456           Sick             02/12/2011

ReviewSheet data is as Below

          01/12/2011     02/12/2011
          ----------     ----------
abc       123            456

Consider The above as sample data. I manage to do the VLOOKUP to link the Project name of WorkSheet to ReviewSheet. Any changes of Project name in WorkSheet will change the project name of the ReviewSheet.

I am now trying to change the cell's colour of Project name of ReviewSheet based on the work status of the WorkSheet. For example -> (WorkSheet) abc who work in project 123 is on holiday at 01/12/2011. This will change (ReviewSheet) the colour of the cell of project 123 at 01/12/2011 to yellow .

How can I do this? Thanks

This video can help you solving your question :)
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