Do you have any recommended plugins for Netbeans? [closed]


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But now is for netbeans (I'm not a eclipse lover. CTRL+TAB does not change pages.)

Please, I'm very curious.


The SQE plugin (which integrates FindBugs, PMD, and CheckStyle) is extremely useful.

Its a copy and paste plugin, i share my code a lot with people sometimes when i'm writing word docs and stuff i need to copy the colour of the code. It also also you to copy it as html and css to paste into a web page. is pretty good for monitoring your programs, provides a few cool features for monitoring in general

By : zcourts

The Path Tools plugin.

It adds four useful actions to Netbeans:

  • Copy Paths Action Copy the full paths of the files/folder of selected node to the clipboard.
  • Explore Action Launch the OS File Explorer
  • Shell On Path Action Launch the OS shell
  • Edit Action Launch the external editor

The webpage of the Path Tools plugin looks not very active, but it works in Netbeans 6.9.1 without problems (Works on My Machine).

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