In Excel, how to JOIN?


I have two spreadsheets where one (beta) contains a subset of rows of another (alpha). In both spreadsheets, I have a column that is a unique ID for each row. Is there a way to find alpha JOIN beta? I want to be able to identify each row in alpha that also appears in beta. Thanks!

I'm doing this in Google spreadsheets if that helps.


I also propose LookUp and his variants or Match to solve, as in the following example:


I use match to search in the element of the Alpha List (A1) Appears in the Beta List (A1 to A3) in the Beta Sheet in the Beta Book (I have both books open at the moment), this yield the position of the element in the beta List or a #N/A error, this serves as input to ISERROR and IF to define the result 0 ( isnĀ“t in the list) or 1 ( is in the list).


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Apparently you can do a VLOOKUP just the same way as you can in Excel...

Take a look at this

As I say in the comments - if Beta's rows are a subset of Alpha's rows then to "identify each row in alpha that also appears in beta" - you just need to look at Beta - because all Beta rows will necessarily also be in Alpha.

However I suspect you need some information from Alpha which is not in Beta - which is what this example shows.

Update : As per Excellll's answer

This video can help you solving your question :)
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