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I'm trying to create web applications that use JavaScript. I'd like to be able to use animation in these applications. I've tried to use basic JavaScript, but I've decided that the best thing to do is to use a library (such as YUI or jQuery).

I'm running into a problem. On Safari, when I run animation scripts, the animation is very chunky, very blocky. This happens with YUI as well as basic JavaScript. Why does this happen? Are there any good libraries that don't create this problem in Safari, but are also good for Internet Explorer and Firefox (and, hopefully, Opera)?


Strange, WebKit (the JavaScript engine that Safari uses) is supposed to be pretty fast. Make sure that you have the latest version, there have been great progress for the JavaScript engines in the Safari and Firefox releases in recent time. Also, I think Dojo and MooTools have faster animations than jQuery, at least in my experience.

I have found MooTools to be pretty slick for animations, just a little smoother than jQuery.

I generally prefer jQuery, which I find to be a little more intuitive (in my head anyway), but I would use MooTools if slick animation is the most important requirement.

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You can download some sample code and check locally to make sure that things are supposed to work. For example, you can get the source code for B&K's jQuery book at (check out the source link) and try out the samples for Chapter 5. If those pages work (locally) for you on Safari, then at least you know your basic environment is sane.

I'm having similar problems, and I suspect there are Safari bugs that jQuery is tripping over. But I haven't yet figured out whether it's me writing sloppy code (with FF perhaps being more forgiving than Safari), or if it's Safari, or if it's jQuery. I'll post more if I get any wiser.

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