What happened to android.provider.Telephony?


Does anyone know what happened to android.provider.Telephony? It is not there anymore.


You can also use it to get data from your current reception signal. Check this tutorial- it uses the telephony manager to get data.

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If you read this post from the android-developer mailing list you can see that android.provider.Telephony is part of the Open Source releases, but never included as part of the Official SDK.

Meaning you are free to view it, to gain a understanding of how the underlying system works, but you can't actually reference and compile against it in your Android application(s).

The code you linked to on anddev.org is for SDK version m5-rc14 which is from February, 2008 almost an entire year old. The current SDK version is 1.0, with two releases between it and m5-rc14.

Given the nature of the Android project they have added and removed many interfaces in its rapid growth/adoption. A lot of people have complained that they are closing out some of the interfaces to some cool parts of the operating system, such as the Telephony interface.

You can check out android.telephony (link) package and see if there is equivalent functionality there.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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