Need help on implementing a RADIUS client on Android

By : skwok

I am trying to implement a RADIUS client on Android; however, I have hit a show-stopper. I'd greatly appreciate any advise or pointers that you could pass along. I am using jradius-core-1.1.4.jar in my project, and it has a dependency on beans.BeanInfo, beans.Introspector, and beans.PropertyInspector; and they have a long list of dependency of other packages. So, can anyone tell me the best way to resolve this. FYI: I using Eclipse to build. Just for the sake of keeping things simple, I hope I can stay that way.

Thank you so much.


Update: 11/2/2011 I have looked at It is a very attractive method, but I am afraid it won't work in this scenario. It is because I am using the package indirectly.

By : skwok


I have worked around the problem by using TinyRADIUS. (Thanks, David.)

By : skwok

This video can help you solving your question :)
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