Multiple javascript/css files: best practices?

By : cletus

I have about 7 Javascript files now (thanks to various jQuery plugins) and 4-5 CSS files. I'm curious as to what's the best practice for dealing with these including where in the document they should be loaded? YSlow tells me that Javascript files should be--where possible--included at the end. The end of the body? It mentions that the delimeter seems to be whether they write content. All my Javascript files are functions and jQuery code (all done when ready()) so that should be OK.

So should I include one CSS and one Javascript file and have those include the rest? Should I concatenate all my files into one? Should I put Javascript my tags at the very end of my document?

Edit: FWIW yes this is PHP.

By : cletus


I would suggest using PHP Minify, which lets you create a single HTTP request for a group of JS or CSS files. Minify also handles GZipping, Compression, and HTTP Headers for client side caching.

Edit: Minify will also allow you to setup the request so that for different pages you can include different files. For example a core set of JS files along with custom JS code on certain pages or just the core JS files on other pages.

While in development include all the files as you normally would and then when you get closer to switching to production run minify and join all the CSS and JS files into a single HTTP request. It's really easy to setup and get working with.

Also yes, CSS files should be set in the head, and JS files served at the bottom, since JS files can write to your page and can cause massive time-out issues.

Here's how you should include your JS files:

</div> <!-- Closing Footer Div -->
<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

Edit: You can also use Cuzillion to see how your page should be set up.

I also tend to copy+paste all of my jquery plugins into a single file: jquery.plugins.js then link to

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

for the actual jquery library.

By : Birk

I would not recommend using a javascript based solution (like PHP Minify) to include your css as your page will become unusable if the visitor has javascript disabled.

By : jeroen

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