Where can I find a graphical command shell?

By : Nick
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Terminals and shells are very powerful but can be complicated to learn, especially to get the best out of them. Does anyone know of a more GUI based command shell that helps a user or displays answers in a more friendly way? I'm aware of IPython, but even the syntax of that is somewhat convoluted, although it's a step in the right direction.

Further to this, results could be presented graphically, e.g. wouldn't it be nice to be able to pipe file sizes into a pie chart?

By : Nick


Maxima provides a mathematical shell (screens) . It is nice that you type in a C-like syntax and receive graphically formatted output.

By : Nick

I found POSH, a GUI for MS PowerShell. This is pretty much what I intended. You have a command-line backend with a WPF GUI frontend. You can pipe results from command to the next and show graphical output.

By : Nick

GUI-based command shell seems like an oxymoron to me.

The key-word here is Graphical.

If I want a GUI, I want a full-featured GUI. But if I want raw performance, I want a command line.

By : jjnguy

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