python: fast dictionary word lookup with wildcards*


Given a text, which is split into a list of words, I want to lookup each of the words in an dictionary of words, which too is read from a text-file and split('\n').

Rather than checking if each word is contained in the dictionary (which is gruesomely slow) I need to select a list of elements based on wildcards* ('*' is at the end i.e. no permuterm solution required). For instance, the solution should select all dictionary elements starting with 'dep', without traversing the entire dictionary list.

Performance is of the essence in this case. I though of a Btree...but

  1. What would be the best package and data-type for a fast implementation in Python.
  2. Please provide code examples
By : Lo Sauer


You want a trie. Use the PyTrie package.

Use a dawg, which is more efficient than a Trie in terms of space waste. There are a few python implementations, but for a start take a look here.

By : hymloth

This video can help you solving your question :)
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