How to encrypt a string using node.js?


I need a node.js equivalent of the following Ruby code:

    require 'openssl'
    digest ='sha1')
    signature = OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest(digest, 'auth secret', 'some string')

I tried the following in node.js, but the Ruby signature is different from node's

    var crypto, signature;
    crypto = require('crypto');
    signature = crypto.createHash("sha1").update('auth secret').update('some string').digest("hex");
By : rafidude


You're on the right track. You need to use the crypto#createHmac method instead of createHash, and pass it your secret (key) when creating it. This will give you what you're looking for:

var crypto = require('crypto')
  , hmac
  , signature;

hmac = crypto.createHmac("sha1", 'auth secret');
hmac.update('some string');

signature = hmac.digest("hex");
By : Evan Owen

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