HTML Select Tag with black background - dropdown triangle is invisible in Firefox 3


I have the following HTML (note the CSS making the background black and text white)

  <select id="opts" style="background-color: black; color: white;">

Safari is smart enough to make the small triangle that appears to the right of the text the same color as the foreground text.

Other browsers basically ignore the CSS, so they're fine too.

Firefox 3 however applies the background color but leaves the triangle black, so you can't see it, like this


I can't find out how to fix this - can anyone help? Is there a -moz-select-triangle-color or something obscure like that?


Must be a Vista problem. I have XP SP 2 and it looks normal.

So it is.
I tried it on XP and it's fine, and on vista with the theme set to windows classic it's also fine. Must just be a bug in the firefox-vista-aero theme.

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