SimpleModal breaks ASP.Net Postbacks

By : tghw

I'm using jQuery and SimpleModal in an ASP.Net project to make some nice dialogs for a web app. Unfortunately, any buttons in a modal dialog can no longer execute their postbacks, which is not really acceptable.

There is one source I've found with a workaround, but for the life of me I can't get it to work, mostly because I am not fully understanding all of the necessary steps.

I also have a workaround, which is to replace the postbacks, but it's ugly and probably not the most reliable. I would really like to make the postbacks work again. Any ideas?

UPDATE: I should clarify, the postbacks are not working because the Javascript used to execute the post backs has broken in some way, so nothing happens at all when the button is clicked.

By : tghw


if you don want modify the SimpleModal source. try this..

After you call the modal() method add this:


the SimpleModal plugin add two this to your markup.

  1. 'simplemodal-overlay' for the background
  2. 'simplemodal-container' containig the div that you whant as pop up modal.
By : jkarlos

In addition to tghw's answer, this excellent blog post helped me: jQuery: Fix your postbacks in Modal forms -- specifically BtnMike's comment: "You also must not have CssClass=”simplemodal-close” set on your asp:button." Taking that off the class was the not-obvious-to-me solution.


By : secretwep

got caught out by this one - many thanks to tghw and all the other contributors on the appendto form instead of body fix. (resolved by attributes on the 1.3 version)

btw: If anyone needs to close the dialog programmatically from .net - you can use this type of syntax

private void CloseDialog()
    string script = string.Format(@"closeDialog()");
    ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this, typeof(Page), UniqueID, script, true);

where the javascript of closedialog is like this....

    function closeDialog() {
By : Steve

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