How to copy a picture from canvas to clipboard?


I have some Tkinter canvas and some picture of lines and text on it. Is there an easy way to copy it to a clipboard?

By : akalenuk


You could use .postscript method of the canvas to get an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) representation of the contents. Then, use `ImageMagick's Python bindings (PythonMagick or PythonMagickWand) to convert the EPS to a Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF). Finally, copy it to the clipboard (e.g. using nosklo's solution) with the CF_ENHMETAFILE clipboard format.

To use windows clipboard you must convert the image data to a format accepted by win api. Then, just use this function:

import win32clipboard

def send_to_clibboard(clip_type, data): 
    win32clipboard.SetClipboardData(clip_type, data) 

Where clip_type can be win32clipboard.CF_BITMAP, win32clipboard.CF_TIFF or many others.

By : nosklo

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