Custom read-host dialog for PowerShell 2 CTP3 ISE

By : Sathish

Is it possible to hook a custom dialog into the new PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) that replaces the existing .NET WinForms dialog. I am talking about the dialog that the Read-Host cmdlet launches to request for user input.

By : Sathish


For example, see this URL:

  1. Drop the full code into Notepad.
  2. Add the first line: function read-host {
  3. Add the last line: }
  4. Copy all the contents from Notepad.
  5. Paste it all into your PowerShell console.

Now, if you call read-host, you're going to see a new Windows Form.

Now, if I open other windows, it remains on top, but it seems it is not the top-most because I see it over everything else, but still need to click on it to make it active.

What you CAN do is create a custom function that overrides Read-Host, so you're effectively usurping Read-Host and subbing your own functionality.

By : Don Jones

For Ruby Lovers

ruby -e "puts" numbers.txt
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