Conditional cell formatting

By : Templar

Is it possible to autoformat spreadsheet like this

IF A1 = C1 then A1:E1 background should become light gray

By : Templar


Ok I know how to do it, if anyone cares, you do like @Eric Fortis but:

  1. formula should be =$A1=$A3
  2. applies to range =$A1
  3. copy cell A1
  4. select area where you want to do formatting
  5. home tab, click on paste dropdown menu
  6. choose special paste
  7. choose only pasting formats
By : Templar

enter image description hereNote the yellow highlights,

  1. Conditional Formating
  2. Formula =$A$1=$A$3
  3. Color Background
  4. Applies to range =$A$1:$E$1

This video can help you solving your question :)
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