Looking for a reference nodejs, expressjs & mongodb app to use as template


I want to build out a nodejs app and was looking for a good reference app to use as a template. Ideally the app will have the following features

  1. uses nodejs, expressjs & mongodb
  2. has a user authentication subsystem

I'd like to download such an app and have it working out of the box, than i can poke into the code and start customizing it for my needs.

updated: I've looked at http://howtonode.org/express-mongodb (github repo https://github.com/creationix/howtonode.org/tree/master/articles/express-mongodb ) which is very useful but is somewhat dated. There is a preso at http://www.slideshare.net/robb1e/a-nodejs-application that talks a bit more on but no code/app/repo

I'm sure there are a lot of code patterns and other learning that folks have had with real-world apps and I'm looking to see if such an app exists so I can build ontop of best practices.

By : molicule


I have a project that might be useful for some. It is currently a work in progress, but I will try to include som helpful tip along the way.

The title is "Testing setting up a RESTful JSON server with Node, Express, Passport authenticaion and mongoDB with node-mongodb-native."

And it lives here: https://github.com/frodefi/node-mongodb-json-server

By : frodefi


There is a large examples folder on the express github page. Start there.

By : Raynos

Look at the NodeTuts.com videos. If you want a small CRUD example with authentication look in my repo here:


This video can help you solving your question :)
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