What's a good linux C/C++ IDE for a low-res screen? [closed]

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I recently bought an Asus Eee PC 901, on which I am running Ubuntu linux.

I was mucking around in C on my old (larger) laptop, and I want to continue to do so on the Eee. However, Anjuta - the IDE that I was using - is not very usable with the Eee's resolution of 1024x600.

What with the status pane at the bottom, and the giant toolbar buttons, there's not much free real-estate for code.

Can anyone recommend an IDE which is (or can be configured to be) suitable for low resolutions? I would much prefer something that supports modern IDE features like code folding and auto-completion.

Update: GVim seems pretty neat, and KDevelop looks like it'd be good except that I'm running Gnome, and would rather not install the kde libs. I'm really impressed with Code::Blocks though, can't believe I'd never heard of it before, so I'm calling that The Answer. Thanks guys.


I find QtCreator among the nicest because it is very shortcut friendly and has a wide layout by default.

I have been pretty happy with Sun's NetBeans, which supports C/++ and many other languages. I have a link to some screen shots below. The undocking windows work well on a small screen.

Also, I just installed the jVi plugin today on my work PC. This gives the IDE's editor a vim personality, so I can toggle into a mode to do things within the editor window with fewer "chord" commands. My fingers are happier now :-)

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I have the Acer version of one of those 10x6 "atom" netbooks. I'm still working on getting all the packages I need set up on it. FYI: beware the kernal update that Ubuntu may install if you let it. I have the bug # on my site, but don't have it handy at the moment. bug: link text as mentioned on link text

I'm thinking of installing Sun's NetBeans IDE, since it supports a variety of languages (e.g. - Ruby), not just Java. From what I have seen over people's shoulders, and from an older Sun IDE version years ago, the individual tool windows detach from each other so you can alt-tab between them, instead of the monolithic tiled scheme that Eclipse uses.

I'll try and re-edit this in a few days to put in a real answer instead of just a "me too".

Update: (albeit a few months later) The boot bug for the Atom is mostly fixed now (it usually boots without a problem, go figure).

And, I have been using NetBeans for a while now. See my screen shots and brief write-up

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If you are using gvim there are a few good addons that make it more IDE like - http://justinlilly.com/blog/tags/vim/

Edit: Updated link - Thanks Justin :)

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