WYSIWYG editor gem for Rails? [closed]

By : wusher
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Is there a good ruby gem for a WYSIWYG editor that will easily work with a rails app?

By : wusher


I would use Tiny MCE it is a Java Script solution I have integrated with Web Applications to edit HTML.


By : Joe

I had bad experiences with CKEditor (gem "ckeditor") .. I managed to get it to work on local maschine but had a lot problems when trying to deploy it to Heroku .. It seems like code is too heavy to automatically precompile the code on Heroku ... That means it is quite useless ...

EDIT: Solution: make sure that you precompile javascript before deploying it on Heroku.

By : knagode

I'm really loving CKeditor gem. It's much, much more elegant than TinyMCE, especially if you deal with raw HTML. CKeditor displays on page--TinyMCE gives a popup. CKeditor allows access to things like all headings right out of the box, too. TinyMCE requires hacking.

RedCloth's inability to support ALL HTML was a dealbreaker for me. (Among other things, you can't support giving an image a description OR a caption!!!!) I didn't mind the markup so much as the complete lack of flexibility. Plus, it was like learning a new language--a lot of the markup was the opposite of intuitive (like image alignment), and I couldn't possibly imagine asking contributors to learn all that.

For comments, I will use something much lighter weight, though.

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