mongodb query to match each element in doc array to a condition

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By : ricopan

I have docs analogous to this:

{_id: 1, values : [2,3,4] }

{_id: 2, values: [4] }

{_id: 3, values : [3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11] }

in which each doc has an array. I need a query that only returns the doc if EACH element of its array match the desired criteria (rather than if ANY element matches).

Eg. something like (but not)

{ 'values' : { '$gt' : 1, '$lt': 5} })

which would successfully return the first two but not the third doc, as not all elements of the third doc's array 'values' match the criteria.

Apparently mongodb uses an implicit OR in queries on arrays, whereas I need AND.

I guess I could manually index each element, eg.:

collection.find({values.0: {$gt:1,$lt:5}, values.1:{$gt:1,$lt:5}, ... values.n:{$gt:1,$lt:5}}) but this is a pain with my highly dynamic arrays.

Is there a better way?

Note: I asked this over at mongodb-user but being new to mongodb generated confusion with $all operator. Here I am concerned about the doc array, not a query array. Also, in this numeric case I realize one might write a query that negates the range desired, but in general I won't be able to write the negation.

By : ricopan


The thread

explains your options.

As 'chx' wrote: it is not possible. You now know the functionality of the $all and $or operators. That's all you have and get from MongoDB - nothing more, nothing less.

This is not possible with MongoDB AFAIK right now.

Edit: I stand corrected. It is possible it's just not indexable so it falls the 'impossible' territory' for me. See where below. You can also map reduce. These are like the "get out of jail" cards in MongoDB but as usual with those cards, there are severe disadvantages compared to a real operator.

By : chx

You'll sacrifice speed, but you could use a JavaScript expression, either passed directly to find() or to $where.

You'd be able to loop through the elements in your array and only return true if all of them satisfied your condition.

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