using nulls in a mysqli prepared statement


In a mysqli prepared statement, a NULL gets turned into '' (in the case of a string) or 0 (in the case of an integer). I would like to store it as a true NULL. Is there any way of doing this?

By : ceejayoz


The comments to the PHP documentation on mysqli_stmt::bind_param indicate that passing in NULL was not easily possible.

Please see @creatio's answer:

Solutions offered in the comments do some pre-preparation work on the prepared statement, replacing the "?" markers with "NULL" for every param that has the PHP null value. The modified query string is then used.

The following function is from user comment 80119:

function preparse_prepared($sQuery, &$saParams)
    $nPos = 0;

    $sRetval = $sQuery;
    foreach ($saParams as $x_Key => $Param)
        //if we find no more ?'s we're done then
        if (($nPos = strpos($sQuery, '?', $nPos + 1)) === false)

        //this test must be done second, because we need to 
        //increment offsets of $nPos for each ?.
        //we have no need to parse anything that isn't NULL.
        if (!is_null($Param))

        //null value, replace this ? with NULL.
        $sRetval = substr_replace($sRetval, 'NULL', $nPos, 1);

        //unset this element now
    return $sRetval;

(It's not really the coding style I would have done it in, but if it works...)

By : Tomalak

$mysqli=new mysqli('localhost','root','','test');
$mysqli->query("CREATE TABLE test_NULL (id int(11))");
if($query=$mysqli->prepare("insert into test_NULL VALUES(?)")){
    $query->bind_param('i',$null); //note that $null is undefined
    echo __LINE__.' '.$mysqli->error;
By : robert

For anyone coming looking at this because they are having problems binding NULL in their WHERE statement, the solution is this:

There is a mysql NULL safe operator that must be used:



$price = NULL; // NOTE: no quotes - using php NULL
$stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT id FROM product WHERE price <=> ?"); // Will select products where the price is null
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