Any good ORM tools for Android development? [closed]

By : GWLlosa

Anyone working on the Android ('gPhone') have or know of a place where I can find a good ORM tool for it? The code is written in Java, and the database is SQLite. What I would like to find is a tool that given the object definition, can auto-generate the tables and the CRUD functions (that would be awesome), or, barring that, a tool that can take the table definition, the object definition, and auto-generate the CRUD functionality. The rub is that all of this must happen within the Android framework, which has its own conventions as to how database access works.

By : GWLlosa


This question cannot age but the suggested frameworks can. So, here is first a list of what I find important in such frameworks for comparison:

  • Is there a Maven or Gradle artifact? (that's a big plus depending on whether you use maven or gradle, obviously)
  • Is the code accessible in an easy way including a fast overview on commits to judge the activity? (code hosted on github is a definite plus for me, in that matter)
  • Release management: are there releases/release tags and artifacts for it? (there are some that are hosted on github and require either git clone or offer the master tarball for download - for me a big minus if not even release tags are set and addressed in the README)
  • as size matters I put up some hints where it was easy to get by (I did not download anything, so from those projects that offer no release artifacts there are no sizes)

And here is a list of frameworks with notes on the points above. I looked up some more like aBatis and Hadi but I added only those that had some activity after 2011.

I have not tried any of those but maybe I can spare current readers a bit of time by listing the nowadays active projects. Please add a comment if you know of other projects that satisfy some of the above points and have some serious development (over some time) going on.

EDIT (2013 Nov): updated the list to the current status of the projects. Some of these have added release tags to their github repos as well as Maven/Gradle support. Good work!

EDIT (2015 Apr): updated the list, added Sprinkles (as per comment by @AndroidGecko) and

By : Risadinha

I'm also looking for an ORM on Android. I tested ActiveAndroid, NeoDatis and db4o, and I think that I'll use one of the two last.

NeoDatis and db4o are really similar, so I would like some advice to choose the best one. Is someone using one of them on his project ? I'll use it for free and paid app, but it seems that the two haven't any license limitation for Android.

There is a benchmark here that seems to say that NeoDatis is faster than db4o, but I don't know if we can base my opinion on this.

By : Chayy

I don't know of anything that is exactly what you are asking for, but there is an alternative to SQLite that you may find useful if your architecture requirements are flexible. It may be worth checking out db4o:

By : slf

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