What is the best way to serialize a ModelForm object in Django?


I am using Django and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) for my current project. I would like to pass a ModelForm instance to GWT via an Http response so that I can "chop" it up and render it as I please. My goal is to keep the form in sync with changes to my models.py file, yet increase control I have over the look of the form. However, the django classes for serialization, serializers and simplejson, cannot serialize a ModelForm. Neither can cPickle. What are my alternatives?


Unfortunately, the JSLint docs don't go into any further detail than "does not expect to see", so we're left to guess. My own suspicion is that this is to make type-checking easier:

assert(typeof 3             === "number");
assert(typeof new Number(3) === "object");

If you mix the two in your code, your type checks become more complex:

if (typeof foo === "number" || foo instanceof Number) { … }

However, JSLint also takes issue with the Object and Array constructors, which do not make this distinction, so it may simply be the author's coding-style preference:

assert(typeof []           === "object");
assert(typeof new Array()  === "object");
assert(typeof {}           === "object");
assert(typeof new Object() === "object");

Edit: Steven's answer raises an excellent point — the non-typecasting equality operator (===). Number objects and number primitives will never be considered equal by this operator, even if their values are the same:

assert(3 !== new Number(3));
By : Ben Blank

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