Is there a tool or framework to Generate a CRUD UI in Swing?


I am looking for a tool/framework to (automatically) generate a Swing user interface to perform CRUD operations on an underlying database.

I would also like to configure the database fields that should be exposed. Something like django (via modelforms) or ruby on rails features, but in a Java desktop environment.


Have a look at tools like:


Apache Isis

They generate UI's "on-the-fly" but allow you to customise the UI when necessary.

Much better than code generation.

NetBeans does seem like an obvious answer. These guys make a NetBeans plugin that does just that:

I've heard jgoodies does something similar:

And more specifically their sub-project, Binding:

I know less about the SwingLabs databinding project, but it looks worth looking into:

I'm using Netbeans (latest). I guess it's far from Django (haven't tried it, but as far as I understand it is kind of rails/symfony-like,) but it does reverse engineer the database and give you a basic application including a master/detail view.

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