Can I install WAMP on Microsoft Azure (Bizspark account)?


I have got a Bizspark account from Microsoft and they are providing a basic Azure account. I have been told that it can run PHP, however I would like to use a more tested solution like WAMP. On top of that, I want to place a quite heavy WordPress / BuddyPress installation (that I hope will bring a lot of trafic :)

Has anyone done something similar to this? If so, what is your experience / pitfalls etc.?

Thanks Stelios

By : sbyrakis


Or you can scrap all that crap and just use SQL Azure, which solves all those problems. So, it become WASP. SQL Azure can also be more economical as well for smaller DBs.


Installing MySQL on an Azure role is not a good idea for plenty of reasons, most notably (lack of) scalability and reliability. (That's just for deploying on Azure, MYSQL itself is great)

To set it up remotely reliably you're going to need a dedicated instance which will run you at least $40 a month, going with SQL Azure is $10/Gb, or free if you get an introductory offer or Bizspark.

If you're just looking to play around with a single instance app, I'd suggest you rather use SQLite or some other in memory db, it'll be a lot less painful.

By : Doobi

This video can help you solving your question :)
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