Windows Phone 7 to iPhone development (backwards I know)

By : soshiki

I've been doing a lot of Windows Phone 7 games development and have started looking into porting my apps and games to iPhone and possibly Android at a later date.

From my understanding solutions such as MonoTouch are not worth the effort, so should I stear clear of such things?

I'm well versed in C++ coding and would like to do that on the iPhone if I can't use C# effectively, especially for performance critical situations which games have a lot of. I don't underestimate the power of C#, just C# on iPhone (and I think that's a fair thing to be afraid of).

Would there be any good reading material I should get into before building up code for iPhone? I'm already downloading x-code but don't know what to do beyond that, I odn't even know how to wrap C++ around objective-c but I feel that would be the best compromise given my situation.

I guess a broader question is how would I handle multiplatform programming? My currnet idea is to build three seperate development frameworks which share the same design principles as each other so porting apps between platforms is straight forward (but would still require re-writing code every time).

Is that a smart way to do it or am I just crazy?

By : soshiki


From my understanding solutions such as MonoTouch are not worth the effort

I've just voted to close this on the grounds of it being subjective and argumentative...

... but while it's still open ...

In my experience, MonoTouch offers an excellent solution:

  • if you want to leverage a single code base and existing skills
  • if you want to take advantage of CLR memory management
  • if you can cope with the increased download size
  • if you don't need to link with existing Obj-C libraries (you can link to these in MT, but in my experience it's not always a straight-forward process to do so)
  • if you can budget for the MonoTouch license fee

For XNA in MonoTouch, see (latest now on GitHub)

For general iphone getting started advice, try: Getting Started With iPhone Development

By : Stuart

You don' have to wrap c++ around objective-c. c++ compiles just fine on the iPhone. You can easily develop all your code for multiplatform games in c++. What I don't know is how c++ compiles on wp7, but that's another issue :)

This video can help you solving your question :)
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