ProgressDialog Background Activity Fade Out Animation

By : Gimbl

I am building a custom ProgressDialog and would like for the background Activity to fade faster and darker than default. The only problem is I do not know where to look for the animation that handles the fading for a ProgressDialog. I have worked my way upstream from ProgressDialog -> AlertDialog -> Dialog but dont see anything in the java that looks useful. I am assuming there is an animation .xml file that controls it, so I am looking for that file, and how the calling program makes use of it.

Just to be a little more clear, the animation I am refering to is when a ProgressDialog pops up, the previously active activity fades to dark. I want to gain control of that animation.

By : Gimbl


The only ways I know of to alter the background dimming are via the android:backgroundDimEnabled and android:backgroundDimAmount settings (to completely turn on/off the background dimming and to control the amount of background dimming, respectively)

To alter these values, create (or edit) your res/values/styles.xml file with the following

By : Rok

This video can help you solving your question :)
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