How do we implement the functions of list (which was in python) as arrays in C language? [closed]

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I need to implement the "list" data-structure that we use in python. list in python : I have to implement the functions of list, considering the lists as arrays and need to allocate the memory to it dynamically. I need to use functions, pointers and structures wherever necessary. (In C language!)

By : a deer


You need a data structure that contains a pointer to an array containing the data and an integer containing the size of the array. If you don't want to expand the array every time a new item is added, keep track of the number of items in the list also, so you can grow the array by more than is needed.

You can use malloc to create the array and data structure, realloc to grow the array, and free to free the array and data structure.

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To simulate linked list you must study these topics

1.Dynamic Memory allocation using malloc calloc realloc and free

2.Structures in c

3.Basic pointers in c For Dynamic Memory allocation you could visit

Dynamic Memory Allocation in c

A nice tutorial is given here Linked List in C


The array implementation of a list is easier as compared to linked list implementaion.In array implementaion also you could use malloc to dynamically allocate memory for your array and realloc to increase/decrease the memory.

for e.g

int *base;
int initial_size; //Take Input from user.
base=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int) * initla_size);
if(!base)  //Ensure if memory is allocated
       //Rest of the code 
Now to insert eleements you could simply use 

But before this you must study how arrays and pointers work in C language, and more specifically Dynamic memeory allocation part..

This video can help you solving your question :)
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