Are browsers other than Firefox planning on supporting -moz CSS properties, or does CSS3 have an equivalent?


As of right now I believe only Firefox support -moz-border-radius property. I am surprised that twitter uses it.

Are any other browsers planning on supporting this or does CSS3 have something like this in the works?

Edit: I also found -webkit-border-top-left-radius and then the CSS3 version

So when is CSS3 coming out?


CSS3 has border-radius.

For now, Mozilla- and WebKit-based browsers have experimental support, -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius. It's not bad to use them now, as long as you understand they are temporary measures until they are properly implemented. I would expect it's not too long before you see full support for border-radius in Mozilla, Firefox and IE. (Well, hopefully IE.)

Update: as of August 2016, with border-radius being natively available in all native desktop browsers (and most mobile browsers, not to mention), the stringency of using -moz-border-radius, -webkit-border-radius and similar is being slowly relaxed.

By : Owen

Browser-based properties are only meant for interim fixes for that particular browser, and are supposed to be deprecated when either the W3C adopts them into CSS, or not. I wouldn't rely on them to be cross-browser or even be kept for the particular browser.

It bugs me when people talk about CSS3 coming out. It's not a complete spec like the previous ones. It has been broken up into separate modules that may increment their versions independently.

So Selectors Level 4 may make Recommendation before CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3 does.

So, will CSS3 arrive? Eventually, but not all a once. So don't wait for it, start using it now (where applicable).

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