How can I implement commit/rollback for MySQL in PHP?


Well basically I have this script that takes a long time to execute and occasionally times out and leaves semi-complete data floating around my database. (Yes I know in a perfect world I would fix THAT instead of implementing commits and rollbacks but I am forced to not do that)

Here is my basic code (dumbed down for simplicity):

$database = new PDO("mysql:host=host;dbname=mysql_db","username","password");

while (notDone())
    $add_row = $database->prepare("INSERT INTO table (columns) VALUES (?)");


$database = null;

So my problem is that if that if the entire process within that while loop isn't complete then I don't want the row inserted to remain there. I think that somehow I could use commits/rollbacks at the beginning and end of the while loop to do this but don't know how.

    $mysqli->query("insert into tblbook (id,cid,book) values('','3','book3.1')");
    echo $q_ins=$mysqli->affected_rows."<br>";
    $mysqli->query("update tblbook set book='book3' where cid='3'");
    echo $q_upd=$mysqli->affected_rows."<br>";
catch(PDOException $e)
    echo $sql . '<br />' . $e->getMessage();
By : Neelesh

Take a look at this tutorial on transactions with PDO.

Basically wrap the long running code in:


And according to this PDO document page:

"When the script ends or when a connection is about to be closed, if you have an outstanding transaction, PDO will automatically roll it back. "

So you will lose the transaction that was pending when the script timed out.

But really, you ought to redesign this so that it doesn't depend on the scriipt staying alive.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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