Any ReSharper equivalent for Xcode?


I'm a complete Xcode/Objective-C/Cocoa newbie but I'm learning fast and really starting to enjoy getting to grips with a new language, platform and paradigm.

One thing is though, having been using Visual Studio with R# for so long I've kind of been spoiled with the coding tools such as refactorings and completion etc and as far as I can tell Xcode has some fairly limited built in support for this stuff.

On that note, does anyone know if any add-ins or whatever are available for the Xcode environment which add coding helpers such as automatically generating implementation skeletons from a class interface definition etc?

I suspect there aren't but I suppose it can't help to ask.


I'm excited to say that JetBrains have decided to make a decent IDE for Objective-C coders.

It's called AppCode and it's based on their other tools like RubyMine and Resharper. It's not native Cocoa, but has loads of raw refactoring power.

I've started using it for my main Objective C project and I'm already in love. It's still in it's infancy, but for code editing and refactoring it already blows Xcode away.


It's now at a totally usable speed. I've switched over to it full time and it still blows my mind how amazing refactoring and coding is compared with Xcode. It just handles so much for you - auto importing, almost infinite customisation. It makes Xcode look like a toy.

I found some xtmacro files in package: /Developer/Applications/

Installed Xcode ver. 3.2.5.

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