Eclipse giving out an error while adding springframework dependency in maven .pom


I created a Maven project in Eclipse using the webapp artifact and put the following lines in the .pom file upon reading an online tutorial.


In the tutorial however, the version is 2.5.6. I replaced it with 3.0.5.RELEASE considering its the latest version.

But for this version eclipse is giving out an error

Missing artifact org.springframework:spring:jar:3.0.5.RELEASE:compile

What does this mean ? Can I add the required jar files to a lib folder and ask .pom file to take it from there as its being done in another tutorial on spring source website that uses Ant ?

Also Maven projects come with a different directory structure and seems to be doing much more than what Ant does in the spring source tutorial.

I am completely new to maven. in fact only a beginner in developing web applications using java. I did some tutorials from spring source and could deploy and run a spring mvc hello world app on apache tomcat. For this I used Ant and found it a great tool. But as I checked-out some example apps from spring source repo and it seems that Maven is more preferred and powerful than Ant. I am finding it a bit difficult to understand though.


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In Spring 3.x they remove they removed this artifact. Now you have to declare dependencies on separate modules of Spring, such as

By : axtavt

In version 3, Spring no longer provides the all-in-one Spring jar.

Note: The spring.jar artifact that contained almost the entire framework is no longer provided.


Depending on your project needs, use

This video can help you solving your question :)
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