offline browsing for moodle [closed]


Here in srilanka we don't have much internet facilities, we are using Moodle in our universities,but when we go home there is no way to browse the net, so my question is, is there any capability of moodle to be browsed offline?? my idea is to develop such component to be able to download the necessary files for course module and browse it offline in our homes? where should i start if i'm developing such kind of thing? i'm referring the moodle documentation now.. moodle documentation

please guide me on this, because it will be helpful to lots and lots of university students here in srilanka!

regards, Rangana


You can use Google Gears for offline browsing.

Offline Moodle: Google Gears caching By : Jorge

for your information i'm publising what i have found, there is a website called , where offline browsing for moodle is available , here it uses Adobe AIR

This video can help you solving your question :)
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