Multilingual implementation in buddypress


i’m working on the wordpress and buddypress. I was easily implemented the multilingual for wordpress but it’s really very hard to implement for buddypress.

I gone through most of the forums, most of the people said buddypress multiligual plugin only works for Wordpress Multisite. Is it any way to enable the multilingual for buddypress or already any plugin exists for this task??

I tried the buddypress multilingual lpugin too. But it's not supporting!! Please leave your suggestions!

By : Mayilarun


I had the same problem some weeks ago. I'm sorry but you've three options:

  • Consider modify the Buddypress ML plugin in order to get it working: That's modify every line of code that's not working for the last version of Buddypress and fixing it. It's a lot of work but, for sure, the most valuable option. You can ask for help for this in the community of Buddypress because there're a lot of people searching for it.
  • Make it multilingual only the labels and not the post (that can be easy done modifying your wp-config.php to get the GET parameter and loading the needed file of location:

    if ( isset($_GET['lan'])

By : miduga

This video can help you solving your question :)
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