Shall I use MongoDB or CouchDB or anything else?

By : donald

I'm developing a monitoring system using node.js + Redis to read the HTTP response from a web page and decide if it's up or down. However, I'm doing this every minute and I need to store the results to show to the end user.

How and which database should I use to save the data and present it in almost real-time? Even if I have few urls beings monitored, given that I get a response once every minute, there will be tons of data to show.


By : donald


This is an old article but still fairly valid as far as a good example of using MongoDB for real time analytics:


You are already using it. It supports disk backing and replication. Go for it.

Probably the fastest solution will be Redis which also offers very useful commands for storing statistical data. I asked similar question on Redis google groups and it seemed to be a good use case for this DB.

By : yojimbo87

This video can help you solving your question :)
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