How do I make a single WordPress installation seem to power two sites?


I'd like to set up a single WordPress installation at with 2 static pages and a blog. I have two domain names and I would like to set it up so that shows page 1 as its home page, and would show page 2 as the homepage. Both sites would share the blog contents.

Since the Wordpress installation resides at site A, how can I create a seamless experience for the user who visits site B?

Say they type in What should I do to show page 1 at this address? PHP include? Redirect? Mess with .htaccess?


Install them on two servers and use 1 database.

By : Robik

You could make use of Wordpress' RSS feeds to show the blog posts of site A on site B.

However, from a SEO point of view having the same content on two sites might not be a good idea (duplicate content: By : middus

Is Wordpress MU what you're looking for? It's now in the full release and can be found here

By : kieran

This video can help you solving your question :)
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