How do I connect to mongodb with node.js (and authenticate)?

By : Mark

How do I connect to mongodb with node.js?

I have the node-mongodb-native driver.

There's apparently 0 documentation.

Is it something like this?

var mongo = require('mongodb/lib/mongodb'); 
var Db= new mongo.Db( dbname, new mongo.Server( '', 27017, {}), {}); 

Where do I put the username and the password?

Also how do I insert something?


By : Mark


Slight typo with Chris' answer.

Db.authenticate(user, password, function({ // callback }));

should be

Db.authenticate(user, password, function(){ // callback } );

Also depending on your mongodb configuration, you may need to connect to admin and auth there first before going to a different database. This will be the case if you don't add a user to the database you're trying to access. Then you can auth via admin and then switch db and then read or write at will.

I'm using Mongoose to connect to mongodb. Install mongoose npm using following command

npm install mongoose

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost:27017/database_name', function(err){
        console.log('database not connected');
var Schema = mongoose.Schema;
var userschema = new Schema ({});
var user = mongoose.model('collection_name', userschema);

we can use the queries like this


if you continue to have problems with the native driver, you can also check out sleepy mongoose. It's a python REST server that you can simply access with node request to get to your Mongo instance.

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This video can help you solving your question :)
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