Is XNA Development for iOS feasible? is XNATouch the only good XNA implementation for iPhone?


I want to develop and port some of our windows phone 7 games to the iOS platform.
But currently it seems that our only option is: MonoTouch + XNATouch?
Do you use any other SDK for running XNA games on the iOS?
What is your opinion on developing XNATouch Games?

Hello Andrei :) well on XNATouch Stuff currently they are on 1.0 stable version wich only supports XNA 3.1 and only with spritebatch no 3D available at the moment, in the next releases the will be dropping 3.1 support because you can no longer release games on XBLIG that are built under 3.1 and they will be bringing XNA 4.0 support, when you may ask unfortunately there is no ETA. As this is an open source implementation brought to all of us by a great community its prone to bugs but as a great community we all are you can always submit a bug or fix the code yourself and submit a patch.

The best thing you can do its to give it a chance and try then decide yourself if it fits your needs.

Hope this helps


By : dalexsoto

You might want to support ExEn, this guys is trying to get support to open source his port to iPhone, Mac and Android.

By : MrPhil

You can so do this now! Time has marched on and XNA development is a reality on iOS using MonoGame.

Here are some app store games written using this framework:

By : IanNorton

This video can help you solving your question :)
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