How does StackOverflow's 'tags' textbox autocomplete work?


I know they're using a jQuery plugin, but I can't seem to find which one they used. In particular, what I'm looking for is autocomplete with exactly the same functionality as SO's autocomplete, where it will perform an AJAX command with each new word typed in and allow you to select one from a dropdown.


Note that the tag editor has been completely re-written now, and no longer resembles the original, simple text box w/ suggestion drop-down that adorned the site for nearly three years.

If you're interested in the new form, see this Meta question:

Autocomplete is the plugin used originally, albeit with various tweaks and customizations made to it over the years.

By : Shog9

Have a look at SO_Tag, a tagging system based on StackOverflows tagging system.

And Github.

By : Adam

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