How do I pass all elements of “array of hashes” into function as an array


How do I pass a element of "array of hashes" into function as an array?

say for instance I wanted to pass all $link->{text} as an array into the sort() function.

use strict; use warnings;

my $field = <<EOS;
<a href="baboon.html">Baboon</a>
<a href="antelope.html">Antelope</a>
<a href="dog.html">dog</a>
<a href="cat.html">cat</a>

#/ this comment is to unconfuse the SO syntax highlighter. 
my @array_of_links;
while ($field =~ m{<a.*?href="(.*?)".*?>(.*?)</a>}g) {
    push @array_of_links, { url => $1, text => $2 };
for my $link (@array_of_links) {
    print qq("$link->{text}" goes to -> "$link->{url}"\n);

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