Why shouldn't I “bet the future of the company” on shell scripts?

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I was looking at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/why-shell.html and was struck by:

When not to use shell scripts


  • Mission-critical applications upon which you are betting the future of the company

Why not?


No matter we all neec a fexible tool to interact with os. It is a human readable interaction with os that we use, its like using a screw driver with the screws. The commandline will always be a atool we need either admin,programmer or network . Look at window they even expanded on their powershell.

By : JoeScript

When I read thise quote I focus on the "applications" part rather than the "mission critical" part.

I read it as saying bash isn't for writing applications it's for, well, scripting. So sure, your application might have some housekeeping scripts but don't go writing critical-business-logic.sh because another language is probably better for stuff like that.

By : Dave Webb

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