Should I install SQL Server 2008 on my DEV machine?

By : mmiika

I'm wondering if I'll have trouble installing SQL Server 2008 on my development machine whilst our production server is 2005? E.g. is something change so that my 2005 databases/sps/functions/views will not work correctly or other issues I should think about?

Would like to do this just to test drive the new SQL Server but still be able to develop the old product and preferring not to install both...

By : mmiika


Yes. We do exactly this even though our production systems are 2005, and have run into very few issues. While there are some compatibility issues you'll want to know about there are also a few benefits:

  • Sql Management Studio is based off VS 2008 so if you are using VS 2008 you don't get VS 2005 installed
  • Sql Management Studio is faster and supports some nice new features such as intellisense

Our build machines have Sql 2005 which runs all our unit and integration tests. Our development and production test virtual machines that mimic our production systems also run Sql 2005. This way we ensure our SQL and DDL are compatible with production.

There is no way you can have a development environment that duplicates your production environment. We just install too much stuff on our machines to do our jobs or for downtime.

By : Todd

I've done this without too much trouble. When you create a database, you can choose a compatibility mode such as 2005, or 2000.

You may also find this helpful: Breaking Changes to Database Engine Features in SQL Server 2008

I am using only SQL server 2008 on my dev machine against production SQL server 2005 systems, and have not encountered any problem yet.

By : zvikara

This video can help you solving your question :)
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