Straightforward way to generate code with Mongoose and Node.js and Underscore?


I want to generate something like this:

But I want to generate the html template and other client-side code, and either have generic/monolithic save/query/reads or generate individualized ones for the Node.js code and the client side (jQuery or whatever), all of that based on the model.

So something like using Underscore to fill in a few templates based on some Monogoose (MongoDB) models. Based on the model you get an HTML form someone can fill in, some client and server-side code to save data in that model to MongoDB, and some code to display the data for that model in a list or table.


I'm not 100% sure I follow but maybe something like Backbone.js would help. Backbone will provide an MVC framework making it very easy to create straightforward consistent components in each layer.

By : lebreeze

Here is another crud gen i found:

I havent personally used it yet, but when i do ill report back

By : mkoryak

Another package you can try is cruds.

It provides crud for node.js, express and mongodb and the REST is compatible with the default backbone.js url scheme.

By : ks_soft

This video can help you solving your question :)
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