Setting up a Python web development environment on OS X


I'm running Mac OS X Leopard and wanted to know what the easy way to setup a web development environment to use Python, MySQL, Apache on my machine which would allow me to develop on my Mac and then easily move it to a host in the future.

I've been trying to get mod_wsgi installed and configured to work with Django and have a headache now. Are there any web hosts that currently use mod_wsgi besides Google, so I could just develop there?


Check out WebFaction—although I don't use them (nor am I related to / profit from their business in any way). I've read over and over how great their service is and particularly how Django-friendly they are. There's a specific post in their forums about getting up and running with Django and mod_wsgi.

Like others before me in this thread, I highly recommend using Ian Bicking's virtualenv to isolate your development environment; there's a dedicated page in the mod_wsgi documentation for exactly that sort of setup.

I'd also urge you to check out pip, which is basically a smarter easy_install which knows about virtualenv. Pip does two really nice things for virtualenv-style development:

  • Knows how to install from source control (SVN, Git, etc...)
  • Knows how to "freeze" an existing development environement's requirements so that you can create that environment somewhere else—very very nice for multiple developers or deployment.

I run a Linux virtual machine on my Mac laptop. This allows me to keep my development environment and production environments perfectly in sync (and make snapshots for easy experimentation / rollback). I've found VMWare Fusion works the best, but there are free open source alternatives such as VirtualBox if you just want to get your feet wet.

I share the source folders from the guest Linux operating system on my Mac and edit them with the Mac source editor of my choosing (I use Eclipse / PyDev because the otherwise excellent TextMate doesn't deal well with Chinese text yet). I've documented the software setup for the guest Linux operating system here; it's optimized for serving multiple Django applications (including geodjango).

For extra added fun, you can edit your Mac's /etc/hosts file to make resolve to your guest Linux boxes internal IP address and have a simple way to work on / test multiple web projects online or offline without too much hassle.

You may want to look into web2py. It includes an administration interface to develop via your browser. All you need in one package, including Python.

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