Picking a front-end UI framework [closed]

By : Alex
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We're working to build the front-end of our application and struggling with selecting a good UI framework since we're not experienced UI people (we're mainly back-end developers). The central issue is that we don't know what we don't know and don't know how to best weigh our different options.

At the moment, we're evaluating Flex, ExtJS, and Vaadin.

Is there another option we should consider? What, are the major elements we should evalutate on? Any insight would be helpful.

By : Alex


As impressed as I was with Vaadin, it doesn't seem to have the overall flexibility as ExtJS.
On the project we work on, we have a requirement that we need dozens of different types of widgets. ExtJS is designed with component extensibility in mind, so we were able to leverage the framework to meet the needs of our requirements.

As for back ends, ExtJS is able to work with nearly any server side technology stack so that you can use PHP, Java, or .NET in your application. ExtJS also makes it easy to include Flash content for places that need that extra flair in your UI.

By : It Grunt

I evaluated many frameworks for an application I am developing and chose Vaadin as you can build a very powerful UI with full Java support and no client side plugins needed

By : Zubair

More information is needed to give a more meaningful opinion, but with what you mentioned to go on (the fact that front-end work is not your team's main skillset) I'll suggest or at least mention a prime advantage of Flex. (Basically it's the most compatible, future-proof, and feature-rich.)

A Flex app will run in any version of any browser, including (if it's designed for it) any non-crippled (non-Apple) mobile device that supports Flash, forever. You'll not likely ever need to make an emergency bug fix due to some update a browser vendor decided to release, you won't be forced to update your front-end libraries to address that same issue (which of course means you have to re-test all over again), there's little (if any) need to test in every browser known to man, and so on. Flex is a fairly O

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