Perl How to access a hash that is the element of an array that is the value of another hash?

By : Radz

I am trying to create a Hash that has as its value an array.

The first element of the value(which is an array) is a scalar. The second element of the value(which is an array) is another hash.

I have put values in the key and value of this hash as follows :



My main hash -> senseInformationHash

My Value -> Is an Array

So, ${$senseInformationHash{$sense}[1]} gives me reference to my hash

and I put in key and value as follows :


I am not sure if this is a correct way to do it. Since I am stuck and not sure how I can print this complex thing out. I want to print it out in order to check if I am doing it correctly.

Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

By : Radz


Thanks Axeman and TChrist.

The code I have to access it is as follows :

    foreach my $outerKey (keys(%sense_information_hash))
  print "\nKey => $outerKey\n";
  print "  Count(sense) => $sense_information_hash{$outerKey}[0]\n";

        foreach(keys (%{$sense_information_hash{$outerKey}[1]}) )
        print " Word wt sense => $_\n";
        print " Count  => $sense_information_hash{$outerKey}[1]{$_}\n"; 

This is working now. Thanks much!

By : Radz

A hash value is never an array, it is an array reference.

To see if you are doing it right, you can dump out the whole structure:

my %senseInformationHash;
my $sense = 'abc';
my $word = '123';
use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper( \%senseInformationHash );

which gets you:

$VAR1 = {
      'abc' => [
                   '123' => \1

Note the \1: presumably you want the value to be 1, not a reference to the scalar 1. You are getting the latter because your ${ ... }++; says treat what's in the curly braces as a scalar reference and increment the scalar referred to.

${$senseInformationHash{$sense}[1]}{$word}++; does what you want, as does $senseInformationHash{$sense}[1]{$word}++. You may find helpful in seeing why.

By : ysth

Just write


and be done with it.

Perl gets jealous of CamelCase, you know, so you should use proper underscores. Otherwise it can spit and buck and generally misbehave.

By : tchrist

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