AJAX - Do I need to return a full HTML document on the server side?

By : Brian G
Source: Stackoverflow.com

I am using JQuery to post with AJAX to another ASP page. Do I need this ASP page to return a full html page. Or can I just have it send back a value ( I just need a status ) . Here is my function.

	  url: "X.asp",
	  cache: false,
	  type:  "POST",
	  data:  queryString,
	  success: function(html){
By : Brian G


Using AJAX, you can return anything, even binary data. Although it was designed for XML, you can use it for anything you can transfer across a web server. However, HTTP Requests are expensive, so don't abuse them too much!

By : Malfist

You can return anything from the backend, I personally prefer JSON, but you have to specify the dataType property in your $.ajax options

By : Ahmad

Well, the whole point of AJAX is IMHO that you don't need to return the whole page. The server just sends the simple answer that you need.

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